risky readinG

These are  amazing days in the church, culture  and world.  So much is changing...  But aren't you glad   Jesus doesn't?  We  want to keep you resourced..

First off, a few books we find helpful. Many are free reads on Google Books, or literally pennies to buy on Amazon used.

Of course, we won't agree with every detail of every book, but we really believe these folks are onto something!:

>>Wolfgang Simson's "Houses That Change the World" and "The Starfish Manifesto" are both free...and priceless... downloads...You may want to start with his wonderful YouTube video series.  Download them all here.

>>Rob Bell's "Velvet Elvis" and "Sex God" (yes, you read right!) are key books to provoke and inform you.  Go get them here, or watch his sermon on Revelation here.

>For a real stetch, consider Phyllis Tickle's "The Great Emergence," for an incredible survey of church history, with great implications for where we are now.  .  Hint: It's RUMMAGE SALE TIME! Whoo hoo!  Preview and video here, and buy here..  Watch Phyllis on video teaching the message of the book here.

Then below are some articles... ...to challenge us to think and re-think; to get us "out of the box" of pre-conceived ideas about how God intends the church, ministry and wineskins to operate. Obviously, we as Third Day agree with many of the basic ideas, but we can't promise we would agree with every implication of every article. So, as a wise person once said, "Eat the fish; spit out the bones." Enjoy; read prayerfully; dialogue with the authors, and let this be a starting point. We risk together because the waters are deep but safe.     Huge tip: keep up with the latest provocative blogging and articles on all things church and culture on the "Lotsa Lynks" found bottom right of  this click.  Warning: you may not come back!   (Leonard  Sweet quotes an old coast guard rescuer's motto: "You don't have to come back; you just have to go out!"

The Astonished Heart 
by Robert Farrar Capon

15 Theses for a New Reformation
by Wolfgang Simson

"Church is Too Often B.S. (Bounded Set)---Get Centered!" by various writers

Ever Feel Like Quitting Church?   (PDF)
by James Rutz

"Recovering from Church Abuse" by Len Hjamarson

"Leading from the Margins"
 by Len Hjalmarson

Third Day Worship I
by Gary Goodell

Third Day Worship II
by Gary Goodell

Third Day Permission
by Gary Goodell

Third Day Meetings I
by Gary Goodell

Third Day Meetings II
by Gary Goodell

Third Day Meetings III
by Gary Goodell

Servant Evangelism
by Steve Sjogren

Preface to “Why Revival Still Tarries” by Chad Taylor

"Truths I Couldn't Find in Church"  by Ole Anthony

Open Source Church: Balancing Accuracy and Anarchy

The 3D Way Article I
by John Tschetter

The 3D Way Article II
by John Tschetter

"Chain Saw the Pulpit" by Wayne Jacobsen

"Eat Mushrooms" by Erwin McManus

Bono, U2 and Spirituality: Introduction by scholar and author Beth Maynard

 by Beth Maynard

"U2: Prophets" -Eugene Peterson

The Eleventh Commandment
by William M. Easum

Full-Time Minister Quiz

"Detoxing From Church"  by Jason Zahariades

""The Shaping of Things to Come"by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch

"Lessons from a Swing" by Leonard Sweet

The Missional Language of “Sending” Implicit in Scripture  by Brad Brisco

The Future is P.O.D., not Jars of Clay"  by Andy Crouch

"Crash Helmets in Church" by Annie Dillard

"Sex and Drugs in Church: The System Can't Care"  by Eugene Peterson

"Jesus Goes Bowlinng and the Menopausal Death Crone"  by Anne Lammot

"My Dress for Sale on E-Bay" by Dave Wainscott


"Sports Ilustrated Swimsuit Issue: Aphrodite, Sex and Projected Images" by John Tschetter

"Apostles=Expendable Slaves" by  Brian Dodd

Celtic Spirituality and Intimations of the Future
by Ed Sellner

"Hymns in the Whorehouse"

Open Letter From a Young Prodigal Slacker