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Question: Is it OK with Jesus for us to believe him (and believe in him); and also have severe doubt about the bible being "OKed" by 1.Him 2. the Holy Spirit 3. or God?

Question: (originally inspired by this article and Lucy Crawford's discussion of it on the "Praying Wall”, and thus defined by its context:
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Question: How can God forget our sins if we can remember them?

Question: Where did Cain get his wife, since he was a son of Adam and Eve??

Question: Do you believe God is sovereign in ones salvation (i.e., He chooses us, by changing our hearts to say yes to Jesus, Eph.2:1-10)? I have a home group, where some of the members were curious about your views. For the most part, we all believe that God is sovereign in salvation and life itself. Yet, we are a group who believe in home churches, and are weary of institutional church.

Question: All the gospels tell of the soldiers dividing up Jesus' clothing at the crucifixion, and that He was wrapped in linen for burial, as was the custom of the day.  When those who saw Him after the resurrection, what was He wearing? I don't recall seeing it written anywhere, but I assume He had been given His heavenly robes.  What do you say? 

Question: What are your top 3 "un-answerable" theological questions--

Question: You wrote: "The word 'church' is not used in Bible for a building or a Sunday gathering. So to emphasize this, we try not to say 'at church,' for example, because we are the church. "

Question: "Why are Jesus and Lucifer both referred to as the "Morningstar" in the Bible?"

Question: I need your advice on what to do in a complicated subject. Someone told me that you have to be baptized in order to be saved. I have told them this untrue, that you only have to confess with you mouth and believe with your heart that Jesus is Lord...They continue to argue, and even brought me literature on having to be baptized in order to be saved. She told me that Jesus even said so in Mark 16:16, I just think that they are misinterpreting it. I know what is true and what the Bible says, but this is the first time I have been challenged (over and over again...) on what I believe. Just wanted to know what you think and how I should handle the situation. Thanks so much!!!


QUESTION:  If you are daring enough to answer: Where in the world did Christians get the idea that sexual relationships are dirty and sinful, even in marriage?

QUESTION:  What is the deal with "Son of Man?" That is, why does the Bible use it so much for Christ, though everyone knew he was a human, and NOT literally a son of a man?

QUESTION:  I've always struggled with my question to you. I have never really asked anyone with any kind of authority on this particular subject. I've always wondered and hope with all my heart that the answer to my question is yes. Do animals go to Heaven? I know that the Bible refers to the white horse in several places. My Grandmother, a devoted woman of God, told me they do not go to Heaven. If the answer IS no, how will I truly be happy in Heaven without my beloved pets and friends?

QUESTION:  What is the basic difference between Christianity and other religions?

QUESTION:  When I pray for forgiveness, do I need to pray for each specific sin (i.e. telling a lie, being impatient , acting rude, etc.), or can I ask for forgiveness in a more sweeping, general way (i.e. for missing the mark, in my thoughts, words and behavior, that God has set for me; for not allowing Him to be in complete control of everything in my life; for not living how He has commanded me to, etc.)? Or can I do either, as long as I am sincere and have a contrite heart? I feel like if I have to remember every specific thing, I'd spend my entire life making that list, but I do want to make sure I clear out everything with God.

QUESTION:  In your estimation, what is the unpardonable sin? Is it one specific sin, or is it different for everybody? I know someone worried they have committed it.

QUESTION: I want to know about LUCK. Are some people lucky or luckier than others? Is there such a thing as luck? Are some people paying just for their forefathers' past sins? For me, I've always felt I've had good luck. Things have most always gone good for me. Even when it's not my way, it doesn't seem that bad to me. Maybe it's just my way of looking at times. I know others who seem to have bad luck most all the time. Is there more to this or is it my faith? What do you think?

QUESTION: If God said "Do not murder," how come He told the people in the OT to kill their sheep and animals for a sacrifice?

QUESTION: Is it true Jesus wants us to be perfect? If so, what does that mean, and how do we do it?

QUESTION: I have become quite concerned about some of the movements today, such as Brownsville, so much so that I have ordered Hank Hannegraph's book, "Counterfeit Revival. Your opinion?

QUESTION: I thought your sermon was so right on and spoke to my heart as only God's Word can do. I walked away believing that I need only to seek His Kingdom. Just how I go about that is my question. I think it's through prayer. I think it's through the reading, studying and practicing of His Word. When I go about my day, however, my mind will wander off and slip into fear or frustration or whatever. That is when I take my eyes off Him and find myself seeking what I think is the best for myself or my loved ones. I want whatever it is God wants. Period! So, how do I keep my eyes on Him and first seek His Kingdom?

QUESTION: What creates daily faithfulness with God? Does passion precede, follow, or coincide with it? Is frustration the result of conviction or perfectionism? Do you think we hinder the work of God in our lives through our own workings, or does He take that in stride?

QUESTIONHow can I connect what I feel inside to be true about God with what I hear others saying is true, when they don't match up? Should I deny the understanding & relationship I've developed about God in favor of other concepts which are tightly held by friends & family members, but seem strange & untrue to me? Can I be a Christian by picking & choosing among the ideas that circulate within the various Christ-based religions, assembling something that feels believable 100%, or must I take the totality of the dogma of one sect believing many parts to be untrue? I'm looking for a way in. Any suggestions? Also, how can I deal with the concepts that seem false? Disregard them, or fake belief? Faking belief seems dishonest.

QUESTION:  A practical question on prayer: I experience times of distraction--thinking about things I need to do, for example, as I'm praying. Is there any help for me?

QUESTION:  A friend of mine could really benefit on your advice regarding which is the best Bible translation. My friend has a hard time really believing that any other version than the King James is kosher. What do you recommend?

QUESTION:  I was doing my devotions yesterday, and came across one that really caught me off guard because I had always been taught different. I wanted to get your take on it. The verse it used is Leviticus 19:28, "Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves." Well, I had firstly heard it translated as "do not tattoo graven images on your body", but even then, the verses surrounding this one are things like "Do not cut your not touch a pig fruit off a tree for its first 3 years." So what I am wondering is why this one verse is taken as still holding true today, and then the rest of the verses aren't. Also, the devotional writer said that tattoos and body piercing were a form of personal mutilation. I personally disagree because I have a tattoo and a body piercing, and I would not say that I did either as a form of mutilation. What do you think? Have we just forgotten these verses cause we want to secularize God, or have these old testament laws changed, minus the 10 commandments of course. I'd like to know your take on:

  1. Why do you think people get tattoos/body piercing?
  2. Do you think that it's a form of mutilation?
  3. Do you think that God looks down on this...why?
  4. If yes to #3, what should people do who have already done this?
  5. Do you think it's a generational thing...especially body piercing.

QUESTION:  This weekend I happened to stumble on a Bible verse that I had never heard anybody speak on: 1 Corinthians 5:9-13. Paul has just been telling the church of Corinth to have nothing to do with one of their church members who was married to his own mother (how sick is that!). Anyway, then he goes on to say that he doesn't want us judging those that don't know Christ, and he doesn't want us pulling away from them. He seems to sternly "rebuke" that thought. We are to have contact, and be friends with nonchristians. It's the Christians that are blatantly not walking with God that we should disassociate ourselves from. On the one hand, I'm happy about this. Yes, I get to hang out with non-Christians, sinners, whatever, and know that it is a biblical thing. But what about a friend who has been walking with Christ and is in major sin? Do I plain reject them, just when they need me most to kick their butt? I dunno. Thoughts are welcome!

QUESTION:  Do you know anything about Thomas Keating and the Centering Prayer? Is it associated with the New Age movement? I believe it this was started in San Francisco so I thought you might have some info.

QUESTION:  Here is a tough question I have struggled with. Maybe no one else does. Some groups have their women wear their hair covered or in a bun. Why don't most denominations do that, since it is mentioned in the Bible?

QUESTION:  Lately, I have learned more about what the Bible says about when we die, and I was surprised. If it is just a sleep we go into I was not very happy about that at first. I thought we would be with Jesus and maybe others we knew right off the bat. Then I figured it's all about trusting God yet one more time, and knowing He's got it figured out for the best of us and much better than I could come up with. Can you give me some clarity on this, or tell me what to check out? Don't I sound like a little kid? Guess that's a good thing though. Anyway I think you are the greatest pastor I have ever met and I continue to pray for you every day.

QUESTION:  Did Judas make it to heaven?


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