Third Day ('3D) Fresno does not subscribe to " Lone Ranger Christianity.Though we do not belong to a denomination,   the group we do officially "belong" to , is Grace Covenant International.  This is a relationship (not hierarchy), "connection without control"  family network for shared resources and encouragement. You'll like our heart values found here.   

This means we have great friends all over the world.  We have churches and missionaries that we brag on..  Like Grace of God Fellowship, close to home in Dinuba, California.; Living Hope  and Centro Getsemani n Oakdale;  The Firehouse in Bremerton,Washington New Destiny in Kanasas City; Clearwater Ministries in Mobile, Alabama; Pan de Vidq in Dominican Republic......

It also means we can take you on life-changing trips to visit our down-home folks. in other lands.     FOR EXAMPLE,Click this and see some more pix ,and hear wild stories of our own Dave and team as they travelled to the top of the Andes..See it on Youtube here:


GC churches are autonomous and independent (we prefer to say "interdependent")  but have chosen to connect and share.  We even have have an "unseminary", Ministry Skills Institute, a more relational, impartation-focused version of what folks used to call "cemetery"...uh, seminary.  Vist  it here.   Ministry Director Dallas Elder from Kansas City visits us frequently and is an avuncular (cool word for uncle-like) dude with  humble spirit and bold "extra-mile" love for Jesus and us.   Click here  if you're hungry, and would like to read his latest inspiring column..

     So, even though our primary commitment is to Jesus, and to Jesusites everywhere, we have sought out relationships with  Grace Covenant.  Check out the official GC website, and read (and even contribute to) the Wikipedia article about GC........One last note:  We appreciate and talk with Third Day Churches and even though we share a name, there is no official connection or common history.  They rock!  Read some of their great articles by clicking the "Risky Reading" button on your left.