" Mission exists because worship doesn't."

This quote from John Piper jolts us into remembering that ultimately we only have one calling: to worship and exalt Jesus. Maybe if/when hen we really "do" that, whole nations will be inescapably and "automatically" drawn to Jesus. "When the glory of the Lord shines over you, nations will be drawn to your Light" Isaiah 60:1-3. But this does not excuse us from being intentional about telling others the Amazing News and also telling others to tell. That is missions.  Nowadays, folks are calling it "being missional."  Whatever you call it, call us to be part of it, baby!

If thoughts like "I don't wanna wear one of those funky helmets and go to Africa to put ties on the man and bras on the ladies"  or "Missions is sooo boring," come to mind...that's not what we have in mind by "missions" or "missionary"..

Missions is our very heart at 3D, because it is God's heart. God only had one Son and He is a missionary. We all have a part to play and pray, so join the most exciting and rewarding unfinished task on the planet. With passion and compassion, we breathe worship and missions (John 20:20-22) around the world until Jesus comes! We are continually plotting short- and long-term missions around here. Our pester (not a typo) Dave, is so radical that he often says, "Some say you need a special call to be go as a missionary. But according to the Bible, you'd better have a special call to stay home!" So be warned! God is so in love with you, he just might call you to the same career as his Firstborn.
Click the names under the pictures below to read more about some of our  missionaries, including their latest emails and prayer requests.


Ken and Cathie Metz, now in PERU.. consider us their home church...Read all about them:

 Click here!

 or click here  to meet Hector the ex-satanist in Peru..


Bill & Mare Eddy; and daughters Stephanie, Mar and Rachel,..are homebased in Madrid, Spain..visit them 


Angel (yes, that's his real name!) and Malia Hernandez live in Paraguay with their ninos, Luz, Cruz and Esperanza...Check them out here.

Raquens Turrene corrdinates our work in Haiti.  Meet and greet the family here.





If you want to (even if 
ya don't) want to find out more about  opportunities..

A. ) Click  HERE and HERE  to see pictures of some of our own people on short-term trips


 If you think you are too old for missions, click here and find out otherwise! 

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