Since you are reading this website; you are obviously an 

exceptionally intelligent person

and a likely profound (and good looking) Christian  (:     So the following videos and message may not be for you.  However, we have found that many folks have skewed ideas of Jesus: they think he doesn't really like them; they believe they have to work, pray and pay hard to gain his favor, etc.  The following video clips have been well-received at our church; they are dubbed clips of old Jesus movies .. 

If we have to explain that these are satirical; and  are NOT how we really view Jesus; and that though they are satirical and intentionally corny, they have profound prophetic messages to the church, and folks shouldn't be offended by are probably on the way wrong  website.(:......

But can we be honest..tell the truth..what if we as the church did that a bit more often...lwhat if we were more like Nine Inch Nails) haven't you ever wondered if Jesus REALLY liked you?  Watch these videos:


"Jesus doesn't have time for us":


-Jesus give the rules for First Christian Church, and chews you out for going to a football game:




Jesus tells all his friends all they've done wrong, and reminds them how evil and hopeless they are:



Jesus kicks sinners out of the temple, and steals money from Pharisees:



Jesus directs the "Jesus Club" meeting, and chooses who is righteous:




Jesus confronts a Democrat:




Jesus sells insurance:



If you liked these clips, thank the folks at Vantage21 and Elevation Church for making them!    If you're still not sure about Jesus loving you, listen to the message "He Loves The Hell Out of You" at this click..-------------------

 You should also enjoy the series, "Lost Moments in Church History."        This set tweaks our misunderstanding of church.  All the clips are found by clicking HERE, but we offer one sample below:
"The Church Service/We Need a Building!!":



OK. watched enough videos?..


What does the Bible mean by "faith in Christ"? It doesn't mean just believing in Him in a general sense ("Even the demons believe in Jesus. but it doesn't save them," boldly declares James 2:19). Very simply, it means "receiving Christ into your life" (John 1:12).   Has this happened to you?   For more information, read your Bible, email us here, call us.,, or even better, first pray a prayer like this, then give us a call.  By the way, this is not  a magic formula prayer; just a guide.  Speak from your heart as if Jesus was real..He is.

"Dear Lord Jesus, Thank You for dying on the cross for my sins, and rising from the dead that I might be saved. Right now, I repent of my sins, realize I am a sinner who is desperate for forgiveness and peace.   I  have messed things up!  Right now, I receive You into my heart and life, and claim You as my Lord, Savior and Best Friend. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit, and introduce me to Your Kingdom, so  I can serve You and share with others this great news. In Your Name I pray, Amen."

That was the most important decision and prayer you could ever have prayed. So please contact us, or another congregation who believes in Jesus.   Let someone rejoice with you and help you on this new adventure. 

You may have heard the myth..uh, lie, that life will be perfect now that you are a Christian.  Uh, in lofty religious terms, that's called a line of crap! Jesus may even mess up your life...but you made the right choice, and you will be glad you made and forever.  Connect with a Christian congregation near you...we don't think we are the only church in town...we'd love to have you (here's a fun test to see if you might fit with here)

....but you may belong at another church.  Pray about it!  Or if in Fresno, visit this church, this one,  or this one.  They are cool folks!  Here are a few churches in states other than California that we are friends with.  They don't bite, either..

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