Sunday Celebrations 10:10 am


  Sunday 10:10 am, meets at New Creation Ministries building, NW corner of St James Anglican Cathedral (behind it). Officiially,, the building is at Tenth and Saginaw. The church itself is Cedar and Dakota. You can park on the street on Tenth or Saginaw, or in the church lot, in the peart near Zoe Eden Hall and the Thrift store (stop in there and grab a beer…uh, soda!).

Map Here



WHERE AND WHEN..scroll down for schedule


+Good News : Our "dress code" for all events is "informal" fact our pastor doesn't even wear a dress ...but he used 

this shocking report and picture!!

..Seriously, you can "come as you are"...more detail on that here..


++More Good News:: we have healthy sense of humor: CLICK HERE for a hilarious, but basically true summary of what a typical Sunday morning is like at another church that seems to be a lot like ours..Don't miss this read, it's a classic. Oh, the part about virgin sacrifices is a joke...we think! 

+++Goodest News:   If you are a bit nervous about meeting us for the first time,  you can sneakily,  previews us...listen to gatherings, see puctures etc: just click here!   



Connecting groups

Though we do "do" a Sunday morning celebration at 10:10 AM...."Small groups are 


 for us.!"     Each 3D person's most fundamental connection to 3D is through a group of 3 to 12 believers (heck, we even take unbelievers, prebelievers, debelievers) meeting in a home..."church in the home." This is the way the early church did it, and so do we! So click here for our current groups, and feel free to contact the person indicated (we'd love to give you a ride) , or just show up. Sunday morning celebration is enriched because it is a gathering of the smaller groups.  Check it out! 


We also have a great men's group (for great men, of course):



What does our men's group have to do with the famous Beatles song, "One After 909"? Well, we named it that just because :

a)We meet on the third Saturday of the month at one minute after 9:09 in the morning...that means 9:10 am.

b)We wanted a reason to post the video of the Beatles performing the song by that title below. Enjoy:

SO, There you have it. It's the "One After 909 Club". It is a new men's club...uh, clique...uh, group. So if you are a man of any shape or size, we invite you to meet with us: for some great grub, and some great discussion about how a relationship with Jesus intersects with life as a man...

So we might talk about typical man-stuff; ya know: sports etc. Some of us even might do what all women know men do at men's meetings: 


So if you are a "manly man" and smoke (for example); we won't judge you (Smoking won't send anyone to hell; it just makes you smell like you have already been there)..

We will also talk about how to navigate a godly life, pray together, and good Godstuff like that. Hey, we probably will talk about ...

Meetings are one minute past 9:09 am. on each month's 3rd Saturday,  in the conference room at
Country Waffle, 3851 N. Blackstone, just north of Dakota...Map here... Such meetings conclude at...well, one minute after 10:23 or so...or whenever the heck we are done eating.-.



Girls gone wild!! Contact Sonya for questions...



SUNDAY Celebration Gatherings! 

Sunday Celebrations 10:10 am


  539 W. Celeste…just SE of Palm/Bullard, turn e. on Morris by the 7-11 (stop in there and grab a beer…uh, soda!).

Then R on Winchester, R on Celeste.  But park, if you can, by the apartment fence along Winchester.


Map Here


Today at 10:18am









If lost and need directions, call us at 559.974.2508 







Citywide stuff

Pray Central Valley....Citywide, interdenominational gathering for intercession. 3rd Tuesday,
10am or 7pm, currently meeting at First Baptist, Saginaw, just west of Blackstone,
Pray Centra lValley website here

NO NAME FELLOWSHIP...Yes, it has no name, but that's also it's name..uh, non-name. Anyway, what it is: a monthly lunch for Christian leaders (that's you, isn't it?) and anyone (that IS you!) who wants to fellowship with Christians from around the city, and hear a program representing a local ministry or program the church should care about. We also pray for the Chief of Police, Mayor, Fire Chief (all Christians who come often to the meetings!) and other leaders. It meets at various places, so for the scoop, contact ONEBYONELEADERSHIP.COM .

7:14 PRAYER AGAINST VIOLENCE: ...Only fourteen minutes of your week is a small but large investment in our city. Every Wednesday (from 7 am to 7:14 am) morning at the downtown water tower I (see photo at top of this page ), Fresno and "O" St. Inspiration: 2 Chronicles 7:14! Sponsored by our friends at Feed My Sheep Ministries/Pastor Bruce Hood (he's not anymore), 271-1241. Hear testimonies on St. Bruce's radio program on KRDU, 1130 on the AM dial,

MORE 3D OPPORTUNITIES: watch this space..