WHAT DOES "THIRD DAY" MEAN?                                  

The phrase "third day" is used in Scripture as a symbol for the day of fulfillment, restoration and resurrection. Our key Scripture is Hosea 6:1-3, which promises that "on the third day, the Lord will restore us." Some of the powerful events the Scripture mentions as happening on the "third day":

Abraham was prepared to offer Isaac and was honored by God!
Joshua crossed over into Promised Land!
Hezekiah had years added to his life!
Esther put on her royal robes and found favor with the king!
Jonah was released from the belly of the whale!
Jesus turned water into wine!
And most significantly: Jesus Christ rose literally from the dead!

We also appreciate two additional connotations of "third day":

We are aware that some groups (technically called “restorationists”) are using the phrase “third day,” and “proving” that due to the  dawn of the third millennium, the end of the end times have come; making their  little group God’s favorite (Here is a good response by our friend Len Hjalmarson.  And hey, we don‘t claim everyone else using “third day” gets caught up in this).

We do believe God is up to unique things these days, but we are not claiming any magic significance to the third day/millenium.  Churches and networks (like
www.thirddaychurches.com) with names like ours often get lumped by “heresy hunters” as wackos.  That’s okay, God can take care of our reputation.  And they are partly right: we are partly wacky (Which is why the Body of Christ needs a colon…click here to learn more ’bout that!)  And we might even be God’s favorites…just like you.


We like the nickname /abbreviation "3D" (Third="3" and Day starts with "D"), because we long to be three-dimensional, authentic, real..

Oh, and we like those cool glasses.


Mission, Vision, and Values

To catch our DNA, and discover who we are as Third Day, we offer here a helpful explanation of our Mission, Vision, and Values statements.

"Big deal; lots of churches have such statements, " you say.

"Yada, yada, yawn...How corporate and boring!," you added.

We hear ya.   Fear not!  As you may have guestimated, we are not "church as usual." And we don't desire to be corporate or boring (except where God wants us to!)   So though we use the language/lingo  of vision, mission, and values, you'll find our statements are inevitably phrased a bit eccentrically. This is not just to be cute (though we are!), but to catch your attention.

All that to say, what you are about to read may make little or no sense (or even sound heretical) until you click
here to see the same page, but with some comments to help interpret each statement....A Scripture or two will even be given to back up each statement, just to prove we are not some funky cult (Though we do play that funky music once in awhile).


If you find the following corporate or boring, complain to Jesus. Then give us a call.  We'll take you out for a coffee, beer or bagel, and talk you through it.

Then if you still think we suck, we probably do.


"Making Jesus Laugh, and Bashing Borders," (Luke 10:20-22)



Joy Falls!
Shift Happens!
Power Leaks!



Joy Falls!:
·        1. BRIDGING Church, City and Community
        2. FORMING Forerunners and Enfolding the Fivefold
        3.FASTING When We Miss Jesus
        4.ERASING Racism: Temple Tantrums
        5. NETWORKING Networks
        6.SEIZING the Future

Shift Happens!:
·        1. SWIMMING in 3C Style: Casual, Conetoprary, Coffee
        2. BECOMING The Early Church in These Late Days
        3. WEARING The Right Wineskin
        4. EQUIPPING Bible-Wise and Holy Spirited Disciplers
        5. DEVELOPING Dreamers
        6. TRADING Instruments

Power Leaks!:
·        1. ENGAGING Culture While Engaged to Jesus
        2. ACTING as Sneaky as Snakes, and as Docile as Doves
        3.WORKING the Net
        4.BALANCING Preaching, Teaching, Healing Ministries
        5. DEALING With the Devil
·        6. MARKING The Marketplace