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Meet the Eddy Family


Bill (Guille) y Marie (Ester) Eddy
Stephy, Mar and Rachael

USA: PO Box 588
Platte City, MO. 64079

Spain: Plaza Grande 2, 4-B
28850 Torrejon de Ardoz
Madrid, Spain
Tel.: 34-91-677-7202


Serving in Madrid with Grace Covenant                                               USA                                                   SPAIN

Bill and Marie Eddy            

Gifts Were Received!

IIn  May,2006,  Bill and Marie Eddy and their ministry team provided an all expense paid refuge for the Latin American missionaries ministering in Spain . Thirty- three couples and two single ladies were invited to a nice hotel on the shores Mediterranean Sea for a weekend of refreshment. Called Operación Bernabé (Operation Barnabus) it was needed spiritual renewal for these Kingdom laborers. 

One minister said, “I came to the retreat very, very tired and with a lot of doubts as to my ministry.  The time with the Barnabus team and the preaching and teaching times were from God to me.  God spoke to me and I return refreshed and ready to give myself to the call God put on my life.”  Another minister reported, “This retreat has been the best I have ever attended.  The words and acts of kindness, the way you taught and spoke, the gifts you gave us, the people who have given money so that we could come free!!!  All this and more has been used of God to affirm the fact that I am loved and worthy.  My time in Spain has been marked by much rejection both in and out of church.  I doubted my self-worth…I go back knowing I am loved.”