Third Day Fresno

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Dispatch  from Dave..... about Peru and the Metzes..


  How did I ever wind up here (that is me; third from left below, next to Jesus...uh, Pastor Jesus) on top of the Andes Mountains, where many gringos croak due to lack of oxygen? I mean, the view from 17,000 feet from the lake at Mt Huaytapallana is fabulous, as you can see .. 

 ...But to find out how I got coaxed up there (not knowing we would watch some of these glaciers suddenly melt into avalanches before our eyes...uh, due to prayer!?) is another story (read it and weep here)  Better yet watch themovie...and the avalanche in this movie:


...and here's a hilarious clip about some folk...and llamas we met on the way back down; when the bus broke down:


 What a ride!!


But to start with, the trip from Lima (sea level)  to Huancayo was "interesting" enough.. Only 120 miles...but there is a reason it can take 8 hours! Read about that wild ride here (see the section delicately titled "Elevated Vetigo makes me sick") and catch a view or three of it below..   The bus route passes and parallels (as if that word ever applies to these winding roads!) the highest railroad bridge in the world .. But it's worth it to arrive at our beautiful "home" in Peru, the mountain valley city of Huancayo...11,000 feet and 500,000 beaufiful people:  







Some of the beautiful people include these four (two of which are the adopted daughters of our church members (and current missionaries in Huancayo) Ken and Cathie Metz. Can you guess which are Gabby and Sheyla?: And if you don't fall in love with our ministry team there (jazzed to Jesus here below about the new truck some of you reading were able to buy them): ...And if you are unmoved by the kids of Huancayo: may be unmovable! Besides, St. John Milor and the others who venture on the next trip there will want to meet St. Hector, pictured below. How many ex-Satanists do you know. Read his amazing story here, and participate in the sequel. (Contact me yesterday  to reserve a spot) ur 

But before you sign up for our trip, a few more clips are in order:


Here is our own Tom McCann, telling his story in the church pastored by our hero, Freddy, who  survived a gunman's pistol  in the face asking him to deny Jesus (he didn't, but took the opportunity to tell his gunman about Jesus!):  And

And here is Tom giving his testimony is a sex shop...uh, something like that!  Note the brothel

across the street from the church at the end of this clip:





Here we hear a couple stories from Pastor Olvidio and wife about what happened that night; and the next day.

Note from 5:10ff, Tom , is temporarily accused of being a demon(:


On the nexy year's trip, the news was bad.we found that Pastor Olvidio and his whole family had life-threatening typhoid. They had not yet told their church, as they didn't want them to worry. This is my video of the moving and tearful Sunday morning when our missionary Ken Metz announced the news to the congregation and called them to fervent prayer.

Sequel: They have all been healed, and are looking to plant a new church.


(Even more movies here)


NOW are you ready to join us in November 08?


Of course you are!


Call me, baby!





Or contact the Metzes:

SUPPORT: GRACE COVENANT, PO BOX 588, 202 Main St. PLATTE CITY, MO 64079 phone: (816) 903-4000

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