Jenn Thomas

Jenn is one of our own who served  with "Seeds in His Garden" orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. Visit with Jenn on Sunday or during the week at a Cell?. She has some great things to say about the mission  field.

Director of Seeds is
Becky Adams, who is the daughter of our member Verla Zeising (who recently went to be with the Lord). .This is an incredible ministry and these girls are deeply gifted.


Jenn Thomas,   honors graduate  of Fresno Pacific University (which by the way, is a great place to study here:,
is one of our core members, and leader of youth cell.  St. Jenn has been a short-term missionary in Nairobi, Kenya; helping out at Seeds in His Garden Orphanage (which is overseen by Becky Adams, daughter of  Verla Zeising...  Yes, Virginia, our whole church is has caught the missions infection!). What she learned about Brother-King Jesus and herself on the field and in the tough trenches and overwhelming slums could fill a book.  So ask her sometime about it, and read her powerful testimony about "coming home" (maybe it's chapter one of that book) by clicking here with a prayerful right hand: