Sight: Fred's Missionary Trip Journal

Fred Booker

Fred is so precious and from the day he realized God was calling (He literally did!), we knew great things were about to happen. St. Fred's life was so dramatically touched that he is now studying and preparing for long-term commitment to Haiti. This year Fred will be studying for more missions exploits at YWAM-Chico


Here's what St. Fred is up to now, and how you can have a part to pray/play/pay in it:

Dear Friends,

I hope that God is doing great things in and through you in 2004. I am looking for many exciting things for this year in serving God.

God has made it possible for me to attend Youth With A Mission (YWAM) commencing September 5. 2004 for five months. I will be going to Chico, California on September 5. I will be attending lectures by Christian leaders and missionaries on topics such as hearing Godís voice, the character and ways of God, relationship with God and others, personal character development, worship and spiritual warfare, gaining Godís heart for a lost world, and evangelism and world missions. We will then go on a two-month outreach somewhere in the world to put into practice everything learned in the three-month lecture phase. (note: click this to read about the program:

Would you support me in this exciting walk with the Lord. The total cost will be $4600 ($2600 for the first three months. That is for my room and board and to pay for the lecturers). The outreach will cost $2200. This is for airfare and room and board.

Donations in any amount can be sent to Third Day Fellowship. (Put Fred Booker on memo line). Also, please pray for me that the Holy Spirit would give me the faith, courage, and abilities to do what the Lord has in mind for me to do for him.

I know how serious it is to partner with someone in finances and prayer. I thank you deeply for your support.

In Thanks And Appreciation

Third Day Fellowship
5671 N. Palm
Fresno, CA 93704


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