This page has all the scoop on our current "CONNECTING" groups; a wonderful and wonder-filled way to get to know Jesus and a few other friends of His in a life-changing and life-rearranging way. ..but in a "down-home" (literally) style.   These are not appendages to the Sunday morning 10:10 am "Body" meeting, but the most fundamental and foundational meetings of the week; these meetings overflow into Sunday morning gatherings.

"Cheat" and pray about which one you should check out.  If you get no lightning from heaven, just pick one....The hosts are all real people, we promise!  And each group has a special flavor of our DNA.  You'll be welcomed at one or all. If you are feeling really "spiritual", try all of them this week:

Meet us  @ 2 for conversational Bible Study and prayer support.  We are currently viewing the amazing new Ray Van Der Laan video series filmed in Egypt: "God Heard Their Cry"  More on Van Der Laan  here.

At the beautiful bluffside  home of Jim and Jeanne Wainscott, 5335 W. Osprey. Just  call them at the phone at the gated entrance to European Bluffs ..or yell real loud. From Herndon and Millburn: N. on Millburn, L. on Alluvial, R on River Vista, R on Polk to the end, and you will run into (not literally!) the gate at European bluffs.  Once you get in, turn left. MAP HERE

Other groups: COMING SOON!

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