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We know how it is..

We realize it might help to "hear " us before you meet us. This page exists to let you stealth us and check us out before you are brave enough to meet us. We know we don't bite, and that we are not a cult (and we are not a "biting cult" either), but you don't yet. So this page will grow, keep checking back, but for now, you can click any of the sound files below. We think you'll find them...well, "sound" (bad pun intended)...Enjoy!

 Our Sunday gatherings are perhaps unique, if you come from a traditional background.  It is not a "one man in the pulpit standing up lecturing those in the pews." 

For one, we do not have a pulpit (should we chain-saw the dang thing like one church did?), 

For two, we do not have  pews (we prefer chairs and couches). 

If Dave or another person  is speaking (sometimes he doesn't...believe it or not) , it is interactive.   You can even talk back!  Your hard questions might even become a full-blown message  (submit questions here).  We believe everybody has a part to play.  The days of "come to the lecture hall and get a lecture from the holier-than-thou man are over for us).  You may have heard some Sundays we have other saints among us besides the "pastor" (gasp!) speak. One day we made collages as the "sermon,"  some Sundays we take a road trip...anything can happen (even hilarious stuff like this!) 


Well, just check out a subversive recording and eavesdrop.  Grab a coffee, untie your hair...Click a title and eavesdrop:

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VIDEO of our friend Mike Furches at our church;  Part 1 is about his ministry, and part 2 (by popular demand) telling "The Story of Anthony: Surviving Sexual and Physical Abuse" .. NOT TO BE MISSED:










Message by Rosemary Schindler (neice of Oskar Schindler of "Schindler's List"








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