"Pagan Days: Don't Look Back"

Keltic Ken Adams...of Klovis...who is no longer pagan;  nor looking back (especially when driving on the freeway),  preached this awesome message you are listening to right now (you may have to wait a bit for it to download..grab a cofee)...he did it New Year's Eve 2006.    "KK" is on our leadership team at Third Day..That's kinda like being an elder...but he's not old enough to 'eld.'

Visit Ken at his MySpace site here, his dog's website here, his Celtic Spirit online music site here, or in person some day soon at work or here at play..

You will love his huge and holy sense of humor.

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>>>If you like this message you are listening to, tell Jesus.

>>>If you don' like it, take Ken out to breakfast here and then you'll love it.

>>>If you're hating  it, blame the pastor-type guy crazy enough to ask Ken to preach it.

>>>Whatever you thought of it, do Jesus a favor, and send a pagan to this page.

-------------------For more wild messages from other Third Day folks, listen up here...  at your own risk.